About Us

Our love for Miniature Horses started in 1988, with the purchase of our first miniature horse. A Christmas present for my children. A beautiful bay pinto weanling filly named Star Farms Malvinia. The first foal out of 1995 National Champion Senior Stallion Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo. At that time, Uno was only 3 years old. When Malvinia was a yearling, I brought her to our first horse show. We won 1st place, and my daughter won in the youth class. Well, you might say it was the start of something wonderful.

The next year we bought her half sister, Star Farms Whitney, out of Uno De Mayo. When Whitney was a yearling we brought both Whitney and Malvinia to the shows, and both fillies won many 1st place ribbons, in open halter, and youth classes, and many Grand Champions and Reserve Awards. We continued to show these two horses for about five years. At that time, some life changes occurred in my life, that caused me to tighten my budget. We no longer could afford to go to the horse shows.

I had a friend who worked for a local TV Station. They were producing a KUSI Kids Club to be aired everyday. They were looking for a mascot for the show. They contacted me and asked me if I could bring one of my miniature horses to the TV studio, to see if this was what they were looking for. Well, I brought Malvinia, and she was a big hit with the producers, as well as the children, including my own. We would make appearances on certain days of the week, and the show was a great success. This was the start of sharing my precious little horses with the general public. We did commercials, grand openings, visits to hospitals and rest homes, parties, and many other social functions. I think I finally found what I enjoy most. Sharing my love of these wonderful little horses with others. I still continue to share them every chance I get.

As a result of being in the public so much with my miniature horses, I had alot of inquiries regarding the purchase of these horses. People who had never owned a full size horse, or miniature horse. I start helping people become familiar with the different registries, and the standard of the breed. There was a great need for the first time buyer of miniature horses, to have help and guidance with this endeavor.

Conformation, temperment, whether they should get a mare, gelding, or stallion. Whether they should purchase a weanling, or mature horse. These are all questions that need to be answered, before a decision can be made to purchase a horse.

I would be happy to assist you, and answer any questions you may have, regarding the miniature horse breed, so if you decide to add a miniature horse to your family, it will be fun and enjoyable!

Marilyn Erb